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Eis o primeiro vídeo do meu recém-nascido projecto  musical no YouTube…



Esta é a minha singela homenagem ao André Silva, baterista de Penalva do Castelo. Actualmente, destaco a participação na banda de Veronica Larrenne e o facto de ter sido finalista do EURODRUMMER-DRUMMER OF TOMORROW 2007. Dá-lhe com força, André! Abraço!

Enjoy!! 😀

They all laughed at Al Graham Bell
They all laughed at Edison and also at Einstein
So why should I feel sorry if they just couldn’t understand
The reasoning and the logic that went on in my head?
I had a brain, it was insane
So I just let them laugh at me
When I refused to ride on all those double decker buses
All because there was no driver on the top…

My analyst told me that I was right out of my head
The way he described it, he said I’d be better dead than live
I didn’t listen to his jive
I knew all along he was all wrong
And I knew that he thought I was crazy but I’m not
Oh no!

My analyst told me that I was right out of my head
But I said “Dear doctor, I think that it’s you instead
‘Cause I have got a thing that’s unique and new
It proves that I’ll have the last laugh on you
‘Cause instead of one head… I got two
And you know two heads are better than one!…