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Eu nunca tive um artista plástico de eleição. Mas depois de ter visto os quadros “Sun in an empty room” (1963) e “Rooms by the sea” (1951) no site de O Lugar das Palavras, fiquei imediatamente fascinado e fui pesquisar um pouco sobre este artista, apelidado também de “poeta da solidão”. Encontrei este texto:

“He painted hotels, motels, trains and highways, and also liked to paint the public and semi-public places where people gathered: restaurants, theatres, cinemas and offices. But even in these paintings he stressed the theme of loneliness – his theatres are often semideserted, with a few patrons waiting for the curtain to go up or the performers isolated in the fierce light of the stage. Hopper was a frequent movie-goer, and there is often a cinematic quality in his work. As the years went on, however, he found suitable subjects increasingly difficult to discover, and often felt blocked and unable to paint. His contemporary the painter Charles Burchfield wrote: ‘With Hopper the whole fabric of his art seems to be interwoven with his personal character and manner of living.’ When the link between the outer world he observed and the inner world of feeling and fantasy broke, Hopper found he was unable to create.”

(Edward Lucie-Smith)


Por fim, deixo-vos um tributo a Edward Hopper (1882-1967) que encontrei no YouTube (credits to kubachilczuk).

Enjoy! 😉


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