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This unique concert brings us Jamiroquai at their best. The band plays all the versions of the various songs played live since they first appeared on the Acid Jazz scene in 1992. Starting off with “Space Cowboy”, Jamiroquai set a perfect example of funky and flawless combination of the different arrangements done for the different live tours from 1994 till now… including the funk/rock chorus from the single version. All this spiced up with amazingly versatile solos from Rob Harris, funky raw bass fills from Paul Turner and the dazzling voices of the best backing vocals Jamiroquai has ever had, in my humble opinion… Oh and not to mention the return of the horns (great job replacing the strings from the original “Canned Heat”). Derrick is “as groovy as ever” (to quote a Jamiroquai fan from a while back ;)) and Sola is just simply an amazing percussionist – those breaks and bridges with Derrick are just too hot to handle! Matt is very sober in his keyboard playing and I wish he had done some solos here are there, because he has done them in past Jamiroquai gigs and he is definitely very funky! But did a fantastic job nonetheless 🙂 Jay Kay’s voice may not be the same but I guess he himself has recognized that and is doing a great job, as always! 🙂

The two songs that haven’t fully met my expectactions were “Alright” and “Deeper Underground” (because I’ve heard and seen better versions live). “Alright”, just because of the keyboard sound Matt chose for the “second melody” played during the verses and during the bridge to the chorus at the end of the song. But after that it does get better, fortunately. I also didn’t like “Deeper Underground” that much, just because it was a bit too long, even though the intention was to make the song develop into a more rockish groove as Rob kept on playing and improvising. Speaking of a more rockish feeling, I was very pleased to hear “Black Capricorn Day” again! Just greeeeeat! 😀 Amazing gig, indeed! 🙂

Anyway, enough talk! Enjoy the song I’ve uploaded from that gig, courtesy of Capital Radio… just click on the picture below.

Jamiroquai live at Mean Fiddler (November 16th 2006)



  1. oh sacana! já agora podias ter dito aos outros “doentes” por Jamiroquai que podiam ouvir a performance integral em! ou custava assim muito?
    e se fosses um gajo porreiro até deixavas AQUI a porra do link para download directo da concerto!
    mas não! és sempre o mesmo boi da pérsia!

  2. “wisky seem” disso pá, i’m sord… mas também assim ninguém vinha aqui ler o que escrevi, nem ouvir a faixa que eu deixei no meu espaço de música… capisce? (“toma lá o peixe!”) ;oP hehe

    abraços e volte sempre! ;o)

  3. no meu caso isso não se aplica. tive tempo para ler, ouvir a música e depois segui pr’ó funkin!

    hasta la perna de porco

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